Why Does The Air Conditioner Always Break When It’s Super Hot Outside?


Calls For Service Correlate With The Heat

It doesn’t just seem like your air conditioners have the most problem in the highest temperatures. Service professionals tell us that is the case. Here are some tips to help you not be one of their statistics.
Look For Ice
Air conditioners can freeze and create their own mini iceberg. When this happens the unit will not run. There are several causes including dirty filters. Especially as we enter the hottest part of the summer, it is advisable to check and clean your filters. This simple step could save you a service call and an unhappy tenant.
Other causes include refrigerant leaks, a bad thermostat or the fan setting being too low to move the air adequately. A preventative maintenance service call once a year could save you money and headaches.
Keep Your Cool Inside
It may seem strange to be talking about insulation in the summer but just as insulation keeps the warm air inside during the winter, it will also keep the cool air inside during the summer. If you have any areas of your building where air can escape, you can save some serious green by caulking, weatherstripping and insulating whatever the season.
Don’t send that beautiful conditioned air outside to play either. Be sure your fireplace damper is closed and only run exhaust fans a short time. Also, close your storm windows and lock your windows. This makes a tight seal around your window frames.
Everyone Always Asks
Yes, it’s true. You’re better off to leave your air conditioner on with the thermostat set fairly high (80+) rather than to turn it off and open up the house while you’re gone. This is because air conditioners work by removing humidity. If you reintroduce humidity, by opening up the house, the air conditioner has to work harder when you turn it on. 
You also want to limit solar gain by using window treatments, overhangs and trees. The less heat and humidity that gets into the house, the less electricity you will need to use to improve your indoor environment. 
One Final Thought
Motors need oil. Your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard, if the motor is well lubricated. This only needs to be done once a year and it will prolong the life of your unit and increase its efficiency.