Randy's Rant - From the Landlord's point of view


Think You Got Mold?

There are many different types of mold and most types are not harmful. Black mold is the bad kind. As a tenant you can help yourself (and your landlord) by notifying the maintenance people as soon as you see anything that looks like mold. But, please don’t freak out and assume that you have black mold and start calling the City, State and County officials claiming the sky is falling!

Give your landlord’s maintenance people the opportunity to make a determination as to what kind of mold you have (if any). Reputable landlords will treat your concerns seriously and remedy your problem quickly. If your first call is to a government agencies you may get more trouble than you bargained for.

Common household mold (the non-harmful kind) is usually found in bathrooms. As the resident of your house or apartment you can prevent bathroom mold from forming by just running the ceiling fan for at least 15 minutes AFTER you shower. If you do not have a bathroom ceiling fan, talk to your landlord and explain the benefits to him/her...you will probably end up with a ceiling fan.

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Think You got Mold?