Tips on planning resident Halloween festivites

It’s that spooky time of year again! Ghouls and goblins roam the night, witches are dusting off their brooms for flight, and you need to start the party planning for the Halloween festivities. Maybe your complex is going to host a Fright-Fest bash or stick with traditional trick-or-treating? Why not both? Anyway you play it; you need to be prepared and start now.
If you and your team are going to plan a Halloween party for residents, check out these tips for a bewitching extravaganza!
Pick a location: Choosing a location that is suitable for your residents is very important. After all, you don’t want complaints within the neighborhood do you? Use your clubhouse for an indoor extravaganza. It will keep the noise down and you can boogie till your heart’s content! If you are thinking of hosting a block party, then consider using a cul-de-sac or a grassy field to ease traffic for residents who will be coming and going.
Budget: Have a budget confirmed for your party. This should include prizes for contests, food, activities, entertainment, and decorations. You may want to ask residents to donate snacks and drinks to help alleviate food expenses.
Post a Bulletin: Post a bulletin on the community activities board, resident log-in site, as well as print fliers for the residents’ mailboxes to maximize exposure. The bulletin should relay information regarding the date, location, RSVP notice, start-end times, rules, and activities of the party.
RSVP: If you are going to use an RSVP, you will want to assign an RSVP date that is convenient for both you and your residents. This may be as simple as including an RSVP card with the invite fliers or a check yes/no option on your online portal.
Activities for All Ages: Halloween doesn’t have to be just for the children! Plan activities and games that are fun for all ages. Create contests such as best Halloween costume, most ghoulriffic treat, and best spooky cocktail (for the adults of course) then give out prizes! Set up separate craft stations and snack stations where the kids can make delicious treats and fun Halloween decor! An entertaining Halloween game is “Mummy Wraps,” where a 2-person team must wrap the other head-to-toe in toilet paper and hop to the finish line!
Clean up: Give yourself plenty of time to clean up after the big bash. Most parties that involve children should wrap up by 9:00 P.M. To make clean up a breeze, have large trashcans ready to throw everything away. Keep several rolls of paper towels and multi-purpose cleaner ready to wipe down the tables, chairs, and counters. A Swiffer® will come in handy for a quick sweep before you head for home!
Maybe you are planning for traditional trick-or-treating instead? To guarantee that Halloween goes off without a hitch this year, here are some quick rules to keep in place.
Confirm Candy Time: It is important for managers to set and confirm trick-or-treat time among residents. Creating a time window will allow for residents to prepare for the arrival of trick-or-treaters. Younger kids tend to start early so try to accommodate for them when confirming your start time. Reasonable trick-or-treat hours are between 5:30 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Set Rules: Having rules in place will allow for a fun and safe evening. Tweet, email, or hand out fliers at least a week early so everyone is well aware of these rules. It is most important to convey to motorist on Halloween night to drive cautiously with their headlights on. Some of your residents might not be into the festivities taking place. Keep a list of participating buildings that trick-or-treaters can visit. Also, advise pet-parents to keep their animals away from the front door during set hours.
Post a Bulletin: Post a bulletin for residents confirming that trick-or-treating is happening in your neighborhood. Communicate all information regarding participants, candy time, and safety rules for a fun and candy-filled evening.
Have a spooktacular Halloween!
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for your residents this season!