October General Meeting - Kurt Mortensen Oct 17 at Holiday Inn 5-8 pm


Kurt W. Mortensen is an international authority on charisma, human nature and influence.  Kurt has spent over 20 years researching persuasion, charisma and motivational psychology.  Kurt is the author of Persuasion IQ, Laws of Charisma and the best-selling book Maximum Influence.

Mortensen teaches that professional success, personal relationships, and income depend on the ability to persuade, influence, and motivate others.  The key is to get others want to do, what you want them to do and like doing it.  Kurt will show you how persuasion is fun and easy to apply.  Take great notes because Kurt has uncovered all the crucial elements for the formula of success and wealth that will ultimately help people achieve their goals for success.

Understanding the theories of persuasion, motivation, and influence will put you in life's driver's seat. Why?  Because everything you want, or will want, in life comes from these three simple concepts.  I reveal the 12 Laws of Persuasion and you will be able to gain instant influence over others and inspire others to take action, all while getting exactly what you want from life.  You will win people to your way of thinking and will empower yourself with an unshakable confidence.  You will triple your prosperity in sales and marketing.  You will become a captivating magnet of success.   You'll learn how to make people instinctively like and trust you, something that might otherwise take you years to accomplish.   No longer will you face the unexpected with fear or intimidation.  Rather, you will confront it head on with credibility, control, and confidence.