Reinhart Grounds Maintenance


Reinhart Grounds Maintenance, Inc. (RGMI), has been meeting the needs of Central Illinois companies since 1986. Our full-service lawn and landscape maintenance company is represented by only the most professional, highly-trained employees who share our core values and vision. Our personal attention and high quality workmanship combined with the latest technology and techniques makes RGMI the most respected landscape management firms in the area.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As summer comes to a close it is time to begin prepping your properties for winter. Check your carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are in working order. Also, be sure that you are within code for the detector as well. The following link will help guide you through the check list.


Illinois requires carbon monoxide alarms effective January 1, 2007.

The Clock is Ticking

One of the more contentious issues you will deal with as a landlord is Security Deposits. When a tenant is moving they are often stressed, tired and feeling financially strapped. When a landlord is losing a tenant they are often stressed, tired and feeling financially strapped. These conditions are ripe for fear and distrust even if you’ve had a good relationship throughout the term of the lease.

General Meeting Topics

Central Illinois Apartment Association Education Committee works to serve you the member with interesting and educational topics to better your business. Here is a highlight of what they have brought forth so far. Which was your favorite?

All property owners or managers run into common or not so common questions every day. It could be accounting questions

You've Got a Friend

You’ve got a friend in Springfield. Like any good friend, you’re always in their thoughts and they’re looking out for your long term best interest. It’s no surprise, I’m talking about the IL Rental Property Owner’s Association (IRPOA). Over the past several legislative sessions, IRPOA has grown into a recognized name at the Capitol. Debbie Broadfield, a lobbyist for IRPOA from Consulting4Biz reports that “Legislative staff now reaches out to IRPOA’s team of lobbyists to ask their position on bills.

Property Inspections - The Pros and Cons Part 2

This is Part Two of a two part series exploring both sides of the property inspection debate. Your comments are encouraged.

Property rights and privacy are two concerns cited when discussing property inspections. CIAA President Andrew Timms says: “Common area inspection programs like Champaign’s are fair, but interior inspections oppose the Fourth Amendment. Landlords respect the right to privacy for their clients.”

Urbana’s program allows for the systematic inspection of the interior of all rental units.

Keeping it Out of the Landfill

In 1995, Syracuse graduate student Lisa Heller Boragine lost her ring. She’d looked everywhere and there was nothing left to do but check the dumpster. What she found was eye opening including working televisions, a cigar box filled with rare stamps and an unopened case of Ramen noodles. This was the impetus to create Dump & Run, a fundraising, landfill saving activity on many college campuses including the University of Illinois.

University Move-in Dates!

Move-in day for new freshmen and transfer students is Thursday, August 19, 2010 and returning students move in on Saturday, August 21, 2010

The University will hold its official move-in on Thursday August 19, 2010. In order to provide the best service and least congestion for our Illinois students and their families, we would like to ask for your cooperation as you create your leases and confirm your early arrival policies. Not only will our customers be better served but our employees will have a more positive experience.