Address the Amenity of Security

You may think you are in the business of offering housing, or perhaps you use the word “shelter.” It might surprise you to think that you are in the business of offering a few other, more important things. Your residents can find shelter many, many places. They came to you for other qualities which your property represents to them.

Property Inspections - The Pros and Cons

This two part series will explore both sides of the property inspection debate. Your comments are encouraged.

Providing safe housing for tenants, preserving your investment in your property and securing the stability of neighborhoods are three goals property owners and local governments agree upon. These are also the goals most often cited as the starting point when discussing property registration and inspection programs.

And Now it's Champaign's Turn

Meet the new City of Champaign’s new Code Compliance Manager David Oliver…The City of Champaign Neighborhood Services inspectors, manager and director are coming to explain their inspection process and much more . Speakers include, Neighborhood Services Director, Kevin Jackson, and Code Compliance Manager David Oliver and Property Maintenance Inspector Michael Novotny. 

Membership Event at Jupiter's II


CIAA Members and guests are invited to come out to Jupiters II at the crossing for fun and entertainment Saturday June 5th 2010. The fun begins upstairs at 4 p.m. This free event is to promote Central Illinois Apartment Association to potential members! Began calling your friends today! Remember our focus is on you!
Don’t forget to RSVP for this event no later than June 1st!

Aspen Court

In October of 2009 Chris Saunders owner of Green Street Realty purchased Scottswood Manor in Urbana. The property has been known for its bad publicity for crime, having said that; it also has the potential to be a welcoming home for citizens who are in need of affordable housing. I came on board from the properties inception. I have the opportunity to be part of a team effort in the change of a community as well as the property.