Taylor Rentals - REMAX/Realty Associates

REMAX/Realty Associates-Taylor Rentals have been in real estate for over 30 years. Russ and Nick Taylor have had rentals from the beginning and over the years they have grown to nearly 200 units as well as over 50 warehouse units. We offer a wide variety of rentals that range from one bedroom efficiencies to five bedroom houses; apartments, town homes, condos, and houses are available to offer a choice to match your lifestyle.

General Meeting: Realtor's Panel

Please join us on March 18th for our General Meeting. We will be discussing the RRP Training on lead based paint management which will happen on April 22th.  You will be able to sign up at the meeting as well as get further details about the training.  Our speakers for this meeting will actually be a Realtor’s Panel focused on “Purchasing investment properties that will support and complement your business”  Remember to RSVP to Marita your attendance no later than March 15th

Do Minors File Income Tax?

Q: Do my minor children have to file tax returns if they had earned income, or can I just include their income on my return?

A:You can’t include a dependent’s earned income on your tax return. If it was unearned income, from interest, dividends, or other investments, you might be able to depending  on the amounts involved.

If P. Diddy thinks it's sexy...

Sean John (aka P. Diddy) Says It’s Sexy

Voting, that is. It seems as if there’s no shortage of political issues to discuss or concerns to be voiced. So why is it, when offered the chance to hire or fire our elected officials, so few people actually vote? There are many answers but few reasons. Voting is the most important requirement of US citizens. You’re going to vote but how do you encourage your residents to do the same?