Dec 2009 Speaker of the Month

Our Last Meeting of 2009 Revealed 2010’s “To Do” List … 
What else do YOU want to see?

Did you know your fellow apartment association members want to learn about the recent updates to the Real Estate License Act? What about software? Did you think that your peers in the C.I.A.A. might be interested in attending a training in how to use programs that are related to our business?

2009 Property Professional of the Year

Congratulations to Dan Hamelberg for winning Property Professional of the Year! He was presented with a plaque at the December general meeting.  Dan is a founding member of Central Illinois Apartment Association.  He chaired the Trade Show committee for several years.  He has been a past president and serves as a liasion to the U of I for C.I.A.A.  Thank you Dan for your commitment and dedication in the past and future of C.I.A.A.

2009 Vendor of the Year

Congratulations to Susan Jepsen of Reynolds Towing Service for winning Vendor of the Year!  Susan has served as treasurer on the C.I.A.A. board of directors for the past 4 years and will continue for the next 2 years! Since May Reynolds Towing Service has hosted their board room for C.I.A.A. board of directors. Susan has served on the Trade Show, Membership, Marketing and Finance committees. Susan gives tirelessly of her time. Thank you Susan for your commitment and dedication in the past and future of C.I.A.A.

Slamdunking memberships with CIAA at Guidos

Thank you to the CIAA membership Committee, Rachele Waibel, Mary Beth Caldwell & Michael Jay for putting together such a fun and social event.

Andrew Timms enjoyed watching everybody’s interest grow more intense as the team closed the point deficit!

Anthony Soskin, guest of Michael Jay joined at Slamdunk your membership with CIAA night!

Thank you to everyone who came out in your orange!  


On behalf of CIAA we would like to extend our deepest sympathy and condolences to Rich and Christy Gibas in the loss of Rich’s mother. May you find peace and healing in your time of sorrow.

Closing the Deal

What’s the most critical stage of any sale for both the prospect and the salesperson?It is closing the deal. The final installment of your association’s trilogy of presentations about sales will address this crucial step. Closing determines whether you will obtain a client or be back out shaking the bushes for new business; whether you will be fully leased or have vacancies dragging down your gross receipts. With it, you’ll be whistling a happy tune. Without it, you’ll be whining.