Speaker Spotlight

'Closing the Deal' at the General Meeting, Thursday, May 17th at 11:30am

Central Illinois Rental Property Professionals wants to help you raise your sales goals! One way to do that is having Charles Walters speak. He spoke to C.I.R.P.P. in 2009. He will share his expertise concerning Techniques to ‘Closing the Deal’ this Thursday May 17th at Refinery 2302 W. John St. in Champaign. This is an informative meeting that your leasing staff will not want to miss.

An Invitation ….

You are cordially invited to attend Central Illinois Rental Property Professionals March 15th general meeting at the Refinery, located at 2302 W. John St. Champaign. Registration begins at 11:30 a.m.

The Association will bring Art Mann of Tepper, Mann & Cottrell to share information with you about “Safe Homes Act”. Art will talk about his experience with eviction court with U of I College of Law “Community Preservation Clinic”. You are more than welcome to bring your own legal questions as

General Meeting Topic: The Stormwater Utility Fee

Central Illinois Rental Property Professional members and guests should bring your questions to learn more about Stormwater Utility Fee at the next general meeting at the Refinery located at 2302 W. John St. in Champaign. The meeting will be Thursday February 16th 2012. Dennis Schmidt of City of Champaign and Brad Bennet of City of Urbana will be speaking about this hot topic. Registration begins at 11:30 a.m. with buffet luncheon and meeting to follow. The meeting will conclude at 1 p.m. Parking is located behind the building. You may also park across the street for no charge.

Demystifying Collections

Some of the conversations at the M*A*C* involve those stories of tenants who left without fulfilling their obligations or damaged your property beyond their security deposit. Wouldn’t it be nice if the end of the story went something like this “And then several years later, out of the blue, I received a check for the past due obligation?"

Learning from our 2011 CIRPP General Meetings

It goes without saying the #1 benefit to membership with Central Illinois Rental Property Professionals is the education you receive at the general meetings.
This past year was no exception. You came away with much knowledge about Section 8 – Processes of eviction. You also learned the changes about HUD Regulations. You learned cost saving ways to deal with mold and how not to get shocked by your inspections!

December …. It's all about YOU!

You are the featured speaker at our December 15 meeting. “Really?” you’re thinking. “Me?” Yes. You. You are the reason why we are an association and we want you to guide our activity.
You are the expert. You know how the events of the past year affected you and your business. You know the meeting topics you found entertaining or informative, or both. You have the best idea about what we should steer clear of in the future. And we need to hear from you about all these things and more.

November Speaker Spotlight: Exposure and Lead Generation with Social Media

At last June’s meeting, John Reed guided the audience through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and touched on identity and reputation management needs for businesses. As a follow-up, The News-Gazette Digital Services Consultant, Jason Frye, will dive into social media as a tool for exposure and generating leads.